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Aquaculture Supplements is a new company incorporated to commercialise the IP of the founders into a parasite treatment for farmed fish. A proposal to the Queensland government was awarded an Ignite Ideas innovation grant to patent new natural product ingredients into an environmentally safe feed additive to control both internal and external parasites.
The formulation was developed by the Australian founders and their network of Canadian and Australian scientific advisors. The process of bioactive stabilisation in a microfine encapsulation powder is new to the world and is part of the product patent. A new superior technology.
The founders, Glendon Young and Michael O’Shea, bring many years of natural product business experience together with the project’s team of experts. Technical, regulatory and commercial experience provide a team able to supply distributors with a novel solution to a global problem.


The founders have experience in natural product extraction and the stabilisation of bioactive compounds, mainly from the neem tree,  Azadirachta indica, and the synergy produced when combined with other essential oils and applied to insects as a biorational control that interrupts the entire life cycle.
A colleague introduced us to a Norwegian aquaculture entrepreneur who was seeking a natural product for the control of sea lice in salmon, convincing us to form a network of experts to look at a new way to treat parasites in fish. Experimental formulations were developed and tested, revealing inadequacies and new possibilities.
Collaboration with a major Australian aquafeeds distributor and the CSIRO to develop a non-fish input feed for Barramundi to determine that the formulation would become residual in the tissue of Barramundi to deter parasitic infestations was successful.
A technology breakthrough in formulation saw the oils combination encapsulated in a microfine powder that is added to the preformed feed pellet and fed for 7 days in a 28 day cycle.
The founders, advisers and collaborators see multiple applications in aquaculture for this new veterinary medicine.